Development through partnership

Join us in harnessing Africa’s vast resources towards creating lasting solutions to injustices, poverty, health, education, unemployment, security and economic empowerment of Africans.


transformation of the Nigeria Police Force training schools and colleges

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Donation of wheel chair to disabled women

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Round table dialogue on international womens day

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President Statement

Africa today is bedeviled with a lot of leadership problems that have resulted in its gross under-development and stagnation, in spite of its abundant resources. Some of these setbacks include political instability, volatile economic regime, religious fanaticism, poor leadership, governance perfidy, and deep rooted corruption, incessant political and social upheavals, inter-tribal disputation and conflagrations. These maladies have become a cog in the wheel of Africa's economic independence and industrial renaissance.

Worried by the ugly renditions, created by man’s ineptitude and greed, AGED-NETWORK, came prepared to combat these inadequacies and bring Africa back its pride of place in global calendar. Since our advert we have been working assiduously and collaborating with other humanitarian organization to help the poor in the society, the indigent populations, internally displaced persons living in squalor, the army of unemployed youths to bring about a new paradigm in our society.

While growing up I have always nursed a desire and innate passion to identify with the poor, and be a fountain of hope and pillar to lean on. This is the struggle and path to which I will dedicate my entire life, to bring hope to the hopeless, food on the table for the hungry, source of inspiration to the weak, smile and sunshine on the face of the people and clothe the naked with ornament of gold. This is my dream and prayer.

Finally, AGED-NETWORK as an NGO under my leadership is dedicated to improving the welfare and wellbeing of our people, through promotion of peace, provision of infrastructure upgrade for our security agencies, to make them function professionally efficient, capacity building and leadership mentoring for our political aristocrat for better performance and governance, food and relief for the poor, free Medicare for the elderly, provision of free mobility, visual, and hearing aids for the physically challenged, jobs for the teaming and vibrant youths, scholarship for the indigents, skill acquisition for out-of-school persons and a host of other palliatives and a life-saving programmes.

I call on all well-meaning patriots and corporate organizations to partner and collaborate with AGED-Network to make Africa a better place to live, together we can do it.

Amb. Dr. Majidadi Bala Kontagora

President, AGED-Network